Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Google Maps

google maps for android apk

The description of google maps

Google, Inc. (Free)
A free and comprehensive map on your phone. Find your way around various locations, and be alerted to accidents as well.

Easily navigate new cities


Google Maps uses GPS technology to identify your location and gives you easy to follow turn by turn directions to places of your choice. It will show you the distance and tell you how long it will take by car, public transit, bike, or on foot.
You can put in your final destination, and also add stopovers. Google maps will give you route options, so you more efficiently run errands, minimize time spent in traffic, and avoid becoming lost.

Explore nearby venues


Restaurants, attractions, stores, and services are all readily available with directions from your current location. Search by name, address, or type of business.
You can also share your current location with friends online to make meeting up easier. Locations can be shared for an hour, or till they arrive.

A must download the app


Google Maps makes finding your way easy with GPS navigation and turn by turn directions. You’ll see how far your destination is, and how long it will take to arrive. You can quickly locate things in a city by searching for a venue by name, McDonald's, or a general category such as fast food. You can share your location with friends to make meeting up a breeze.

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