Saturday, 16 January 2016

ZenMate VPN

It is a simple way to ensure a safe web surfing. Encrypts Internet traffic and protects Wi-Fi connection removes the geo-restrictions and protects the privacy of the network.ZenMate Premium apart extensions for browsers Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera, offers a stand-alone application for Windows and Mac OSX, mobile applications for Android and iOS. Also available is the choice of VPN-servers in various countries, including Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and the United States.
How to Get for Premium Activation for 3 months ?
  1. First of all go to [Here] & Click on “GET FREE PREMIUM NOW”
  2. Now check ‘I am not a robot’ box
  3. You will get a serial key (premium code) & click on ‘Free’ button
  4. Now create your account or login to your existing ZenMate account
  5. Go to this page : Here & Apply Premium Code
  6. Now click on ‘Free’ button
  7. That’s all 
How to get for Lifetime ?
  1. After doing all steps listed above , Open Incognito tab (Private Window) in your browser
  2. Again go to the Promotion Page in this tab
  3. Click on ‘GET FREE PREMIUM NOW’ & Tick I am not a robot checkbox
  4. You’ll get another code in this tab, copy it
  5. Now come in main window & go Here
  6. Click ‘Got a Premium Code’, paste the code & click on Apply then click on ‘Free’ button
  7. Now Re-Open the private tab again & follow steps 2-7 again and repeatedly in order to get unlimited
  8. That’s all


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