Friday, 1 January 2016

UFO Bricks Breaker apk file

Bounce your ball around the screen to eliminate the invading UFOs, and have fun.
UFO Bricks Breaker is a fun and addictive bricks breaker game in which you have to save the planet from invading armies of colorful UFOs, in 110 highly challenging levels that will keep you occupied for many hours of fun filled game play.
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How to play : slide your finger left or right to bounce the ball around the screen and break all the UFO bricks to advance to the next level, use the special power-up bricks to help you in your mission.

Game features:
• Intuitive controls with realistic physics, easy to learn, hard to master. 
• 110 highly challenging and addictive levels.
• Special power-up bricks.
• Totally free, no hidden costs.
• Colorful and crisp UFO graphics.
• Cool music and sound effects.

• UFO Bricks Breaker is provided to you for free, but it is ad supported, so please enable it to access the internet to load the ads.


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