Saturday, 16 January 2016

Fear Equation RIP-ALiAS


Alias has released the new game “Fear Equation”. Enjoy! Fear Equation is a turn-based horror strategy game where you play the engineer of a modified freight train, built to protect its occupants from a deadly fog that brings their nightmares to life. Survival depends on analyzing passengers’ dreams, crafting defenses, upgrading, scavenging and resource management.

Description: The world is covered in fog. Most who enter the fog disappear, and those who survive say it brings their nightmares to life. No-one knows where it came from, but they all have ideas. Some say it’s an experiment gone wrong, others believe it’s divine judgement. And you? All you know is that the Sun is rumored to shine just over the horizon. You are The Engineer. You have designed the perfect system: a train, sealed off from the fog, ready to rescue survivors and take them to salvation. If only they’d listen…


  • Nightmares come to Life

  • Into the Fog

  • Factional Politics

  • Choose Your Specialties

  • Customize Your Passengers

  • An Immersive Environment

Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Screw fly Studios
Publisher: Screw fly Studios

Release Name: Fear.Equation.RIP-ALiAS
Size: 327,91 MB



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