Friday, 25 December 2015

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SiteCloner is a PHP script which allows you to make copies, clones or archives of any website. It does not matter wether this website is made with regular HTML files or was built using a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla; SiteClones clones them all!

Once a clone or copy has been created; you can choose to either browse the clone online, download it as a ZIP archive, send it by email or upload it to a remote server over FTP.

Not only does SiteCloner generate an exact copy of the site; it also rewrites all URLs to be fully relative, which allows you to use the cloned site either on a web server or locally on your computer.

The documentation can be found online here:

What will SiteCloner copy?

  • All content which sits on the same level as the original site, or below it (content needs to be part of the actual site)

  • Generated HTML

  • All linked CSS files

  • All linked Javascript files

  • All linked images (both from HTML and CSS)

  • All linked font files

What will SiteCloner NOT copy?

  • Back-end CMS

  • Back-end code like PHP files

  • Content which is not linked from anywhere

  • Dynamically created content (anything loaded dynamically after the page has loaded won’t be cloned)

  • Content that sites outside the original site

  • Content behind any sort of login

  • Encrypted and HTTPS content

SiteCloner Features

  • Clone or copy any live website, be it HTML or CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) based

  • Browse clones online

  • Download a copy of the clone to your computer as a ZIP archive

  • Send clone as email attachment

  • Upload clone to remote server via FTP

  • Configure exclude keywords to prevent certain parts of a site being cloned (handy when you want to clone only certain parts from a large site)

  • Built in “time out” protection to prevent the cloning process to run for hours and use up a lot of resources

  • Timed out or paused clones can be continued at any time

  • Well written recursive code which is light and easy on the server’s resources; runs on regular shared hosting accounts

  • Tell the script what to do when a clone is ready, like sending it by email or uploading it via FTP (so you don’t have to sit around waiting for a clone to finish)

SiteCloner Requirements

  • Web server with PHP 5.2.4+ (5.4 high recommended)

  • PHP MySQLi extension

  • PHP zlib extension (used for creating ZIP archives)

  • MySQL 5.1+

  • The script has not been tested on Windows environments, however this will most likely work

  • Download



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