Wednesday, 30 December 2015

GET Digital Access Pass 4.3.1


DAP Main Features

  • Made For WordPress: Works with WordPress like a dream!

  • Works on Non-WordPress Sites too (plain PHP/HTML web sites)

  • Sequential Content Delivery: We invented "Content Dripping"! This is where you can drip content little-by-little over time.

  • ContentResponder with Tru-Drip: Make individual pieces of Content drip, little by little, exactly on the day you want - just like an email autoresponder drips emails. Set a blog post or a file or a video to drip on Day #1, Day #7, Day #31, etc. Or you can set it to drip on a specific date - like 12/31/2010).

  • Built-in File & Download Protection: Protect regular files like .mp3, .zip, .flv, .zip, .exe. .pdf, .doc. .xls, .mpeg. .swf, .js. Even protect Images (.gif, .jpg, .png).

  • Tru-Protector: Can protect files anywhere on your web site - both within and outside the WordPress folders. And protects the original source files wherever they are located. No "fake" protection scheme by simply trying to "hide" the location of the file. You will not need another download protector ever again.

  • Amazon SES Integration: Save hefty monthly fees because you don't really need an email service like Aweber or GetResponse.

  • FREE Shopping Cart with On-Site Credit Card Processing for Stripe, and Paypal Website Payments Pro. Your customer never again has to leave your web site and go to a 3rd party site just to make a payment. Everything happens right within a page on your web site. And you don't even need to sign up for a third-party shopping cart just for accepting payments via or PWPP.

  • DAP Shopping Cart also has support for Coupon Codes for Stripe, Paypal Standard and Also has built-in support for a whole range of other carts and payment processors like ClickBank, e-Junkie, Paypal Standard (Business & Premier) and many more.

  • Dime Sales: A "Dime Sale" is where you configure the price to go up every "X" number of sales (you can choose what "X" is). We've taken this one step further, and allowed you to hike up the price every "Y" days too! And of course, the price hike is not restricted to just "dimes" (10 cents).

  • Do 1-Click Upsells with Stripe, and Paypal Website Payments Pro and 2-Click Upsells with Paypal Standard using our separately-sold premium plugin, "Upsell-Tree Plugin for Paypal Standard"

  • Secure RSS Feeds: DAP makes your RSS feed secure, and protects them such that only members can access them. Each member gets their own special "Feed Key", and your entire RSS feed will change depending on who's viewing it, and how much content has been released to them so far. And the one really cool feature that is exclusive to DAP, is the built-in Feed-sharing protection even for your RSS feeds. If your members try to share their feed key with others, then their account will get LOCKED after a certain number of hits (you can specify how many is too many!)

  • S3MediaVault HTML5 Video Player Plugin to Protect Amazon S3-hosted Video, Audio and other file types stored on Amazon S3 - FREE with certain licenses

  • Instant Affiliates: Built-in affiliate program turns every member instantly into an Affiliate. They get their own, unique affiliate link that they can use to instantly start promoting your membership site the very instant they join. If you don't want all members to be affiliates, you can turn off this feature.

  • Offer Free & Paid Trials

  • Unlimited Products

  • Unlimited Membership Levels

  • Unlimited Members

  • Unlimited Email Autoresponders

  • Unlimited Email Broadcasting

  • Unlimited 1-Click Upsells, Downsells & Cross-sells.

  • Teaser Content ("Sneak Peek")

  • Not Just Technical Support. FANATIC'nical Support

  • Customizable Member Home Pages For Each Level/Product

  • Customizable "Post-Login Page" For Each Level/Product

  • Customizable Error Pages: Separate customizable error messages for logged-in members & not-logged-in visitors

  • Free Installation

  • Internationalization Features: You can customize DAP's member-facing pages (like login form, user profile, "my content" and affiliate page) to any international, non-English language that supports UTF-8 based characters. And DAP is the only membership plugin in the industry that allows you to send non-English broadcast and autoresponder emails! DAP has been successfully tested on sites in French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and many more that we're probably not even aware of.

  • A Member can purchase Multiple Recurring & Non-Recurring Products: One member can purchase access to multiple one-time products and recurring-subscription products - either at the same time or at different times.

  • Integration with third-party email systems likeAweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, 1ShoppingCart and SendReach

  • One-Time Offers (OTO): At any time during purchase, you can make "One-Time Offers". Doesn't have to be an upsell. It can even be a "Sign up for my exclusive list" offer.

  • Sneak-Peek: Show content from your blog posts up to the “More” tag. So when Google’s spider (or your visitor) arrives at your blog after you publish a new post, it/they will see a summary of the post, instead of being redirected to a login page. Extremely powerful SEO feature.

  • Partial-Content Protection (Multi-Media): Within one blog post, the text content is publicly available, but the video/audio/pdf/other file is available only for paying members.

  • Synchronized Drip of both Content and Emails. Your Content, Emails and Files ALL can be synchronized to be delivered simultaneously.

  • Only DAP has Tru-Drip which can save you an extraordinary amount of time setting up content dripping over a longer duration - like say, over a year (or even when setting up dripping for even a few months ahead of time).

  • Drip-Feed all types of Content: DAP is the only membership plugin available, that lets you drip WordPress (WP) Pages, WP Posts, WP Categories, HTML pages, PDF reports, Videos, Audio files, Zip files, even Images! Drip just about any kind of file with any type of extension.

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