Monday, 28 December 2015

GET Captcha Sniper X2


Whats New in X2?
Main CS Interface
'use captcha platfrom' is gone and is automatically detected. This means that you can now use apps such as GSA SER which support this feature at the same time as apps which have not yet integrated this feature. You will just need to select the captcha types for apps which do not yet support it.
Save Settings on Exit. This will save your settings between sessions.
Let CS try to solve unknown captchas - this feature will attempt to solve unknown captcha types and use the existing algorithm set when sizes match up. You will still have the ability to receive 'unknown' for types that do match sizes for existing algorithms. In addition a generic algorithm was introduced handle monochrome / black and white captchas.
Fixed bug with - Input past end of file
Installer now installs VC++ runtimes
Installer now sets the correct compatability and permissions
Installer makes a backup of your existing database in the backup folder
Installer now prompts to launch CS after install
New Hardcoded Captchas



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