Saturday, 26 December 2015

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Auto Blog Samurai Professional

As the name suggests, it’s a software that will help you create and update your blog automatically.

If you are new to the whole concept of auto-blogging, you may be wondering if it is true that you can create and update your blog on autopilot? The answer is yes but of course you need a software. The main benefit of auto-blogging is AUTOMATION. You can literally put your entire online business on autopilot with auto-blogging.

How does Auto Blog Samurai Software work?
to set up an effective auto-blog using this software, it involves the following steps

  1. First, you must select your niche. When you purchase this software, you will also receive a very comprehensive training on how to pick the most profitable niches

  2. Once you have selected a profitable niche, the software does all your research and automatically writes unique content for you

  3. Then, the software takes this content and automatically posts it to your blog

  4. The software keeps updating your blog every day automatically without you having to click a single button

  5. Since your auto-blog and content are already keyword optimized, it’ll start receiving free targeted traffic from the search engines

  6. autoblog.png

  7. How to Patch ?

    1. Download Autoblog samurai setup +

    2. Extract it

    3. Install Autoblog samurai, but don’t launch it

    4. Go to patch folder and copy Autoblogging.exe

    5. Go to Autoblog samurai installation directory and paste it there, replace file

    6. Now launch Autoblog samurai

    7. Enter any email address and activate

    8. That’s it

    9. Download



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