Sunday, 29 November 2015

Corel PaintShop Pro X8 final


Corel PaintShop Pro X8 final free full download – Get everything you need to take your photos to bold new levels with our best-ever collection of premium photo software. Start with the versatile image editing and compositing of PaintShop Pro X8, then transform your photos with the hundreds of presets and customizable filters in on1 Perfect Effects 9.5. Process and manage RAW and JPEG photos faster than ever with Corel® AfterShot™ 2. Restore color and detail in one click with the now faster Perfectly Clear 2 SE. It’s everything you need, for everything you want to do with your photos—Corel PaintShop Pro X8 Ultimate.

Custom creative effects
They’re your photos. Get your look. on1 Perfect Effects 9.5 empowers you to make photos with impact with an extensive library of customizable photo filters and built-in presets. Experiment and easily stack filters for a one-of-a-kind effect.

Faster photo processing
Make everything after the shoot faster, with AfterShot 2. Manage large photo collections. Quickly enhance RAW files to reveal the true detail, color and beauty of your photos. Experiment freely and always protect your originals with the non-destructive editing.

One-click photo corrections
Automatically restore detail and colors lost by your camera’s sensor with the new Perfectly Clear 2 SE by Athentech Imaging. Save time with the intelligent, automatic corrections. Fix exposure and contrast, remove noise and much more with 15 patented corrections.

What’s New :

New! Wrapping text. This tool allows you to instantly fill the selection vector object or text, which automatically takes the desired shape. Create interesting design elements for Web graphics, posters, photo albums in style scrapbooking, brochures, collages and other projects.
New! Magic Move. «Magic Move» to speed up the editing process. If you move the object in the image, this new content-sensitive tool automatically fills the void of the background texture. You just need to drag the selected area to a new place, and let the rest area will be automatically filled with a suitable background from the surrounding area.
Improved! Batch processing. Updated batch mode allows you to quickly solve problems resizing images and watermarks, and also gives the opportunity to work with macros. It offers security features such as the deletion of data files and add watermark in the output data.
New! Improved accuracy when creating selections. Sharp tools are creating secretions indispensable component software for photo editing. PaintShop Pro X8 allows you to specify the size of the selected area by introducing the values ​​of height and width. Alternatively, for the selection, you can specify a fixed aspect ratio.
New! Correction lens. Now in the workspace changes and the Laboratory for RAW files, you can automatically apply the correct tools for correcting lens distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting, which often occur when working with the majority of photo lenses.
New! Support monitors 4K. The combination of the new photo editor with high-resolution monitor will highlight every detail and discover the true beauty of your photos. New icons and improved interface compatible with displays Ultra HD (increase of 250% with a resolution of 4K).
New! Better brush. By improving application performance by 40 – 120% of many brushes are now characterized by high efficiency and sensitivity. In addition, the new maximum size of the brush (3000 pixels) allows you to quickly cover large areas.
IMPROVED! The “Auto edges.” Made performance improvements of up to 50% when using the AUTO SEARCH edges. This feature works with other tools and not allow brush strokes go beyond the boundaries of a specific area.
New! Optimized layers. Absolutely essential in-depth editing photos, creating composite images and the development of graphic design, layers become even easier and more convenient to use. There is a quick search by name of the desired layer, merge selected layers and easy to deploy and collapse groups of layers.
Improved! Cropping tool shapes and text. Tools “means cutting form” and “means pruning the text” you can instantly create photo-objects, where the text and the form used to trim the underlying image. The resulting object can be inserted or dragged to another image as a new layer. New preview pruning tools provides a view of the area before application of the cut.
Improved! Laboratory files RAW. RAW Lab offers views of the image “before” and “after”, as well as large preview window for more comfortable operation. As usual, PaintShop Pro continues to add support for new camera models.
Improved! Integrated tutorials. The award-winning Learning Center (Learning Center) you will find valuable tips that will help you effectively organize your workflow. This integrated reference guide provides step by step instructions and easy access to the necessary tools to help you learn new working methods and learn how to use your software most effectively.
Improved! Effect “Graduated Filter.” Numerous interactive controls allow you to quickly simulate the effect of graded filters when shooting.
Improved! Gradients. Now, in the “Material Properties” can be viewed in real-time transformation on the image gradient.
Improved! Express saving procedure. Our own image file format (* .pspimage) provides acceleration up to 50% while maintaining the data.

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